Wellington HIGH School

Photo by Shelby Ireland on Unsplash

Get high at High. We have all heard it before. And there is no denying it, we all see people ditching to go “have a blaze” or, almost equally as common, is people walking into class high, drunk or smelling like smoke. But we can’t pretend it doesn’t happen at other schools. So why is it that we ended up with the reputation?

The New Zealand Drug Foundation, in its Cannabis Report, showed that 80% of New Zealanders have smoked Cannabis at least once by the age of 21. I’ve seen people in full school uniform off their shit high on Manners St. But, somehow, people think sending their kids to High will turn them into drug-dead, gay stoners. Which, honestly, isn’t too far off. But the same applies to all schools from Marsden to Rongotai. Anyone who puts their mind to it can get a range of alcohol, nicotine, weed, acid, molly and so much more. The school they attend doesn’t affect it in the slightest.

Perhaps it’s because Wellington High School, in comparison to other Wellington schools, is very artsy and creative. The arts have always had a firm link to drugs, e.g. Harry Styles’ Fine Line album was written while he was high on mushrooms. 

Or maybe it’s because Wellington High is right in the public eye especially when people stand just outside vaping or having a smoke. Wellington High School sits alongside Taranaki St and Wallace St, both of which are busy main roads used by thousands daily. We also border Pukeahu, the national war memorial which receives many visits from the school’s drug community. On the other hand, there’s East, which is all the way up a hill, WC, which has a driveway almost as long as its students’ egos, and Rongotai which is all the way out in Lyall Bay. The behaviours that have earnt our school the reputation extend to almost all schools just we’re the ones who are seen.

All schools have reputations, whether they be good or bad. And honestly, despite reputations, a lot of behaviour happens in many schools. Yet many won’t get the same reputation. There’s a whole range of people at all schools. When we put a group of about 1500 people in a box it’s never going to be very accurate or going to apply to an entire group. But, as far as reputations go, I’d much rather have ours than WC’s

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